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Full service agency for internet communication

Webspresso is a small agency, so there are short lines of communication. This means a transparent approach, direct contact, and clear agreements.

The first step towards your online communication is to map out the objectives in a personal conversation. From you, but also from your clients. What do you want to achieve, and what expectations do your clients have when they visit your website? Hidden desires come to light.

When additional expertise is needed for a perfect result, Webspresso has a broad network of (online) communication specialists in the areas of strategy, design, development, content (text and visuals), and management. This makes it possible to develop complete communication campaigns, even offline. Cross-media: where new media meets traditional media.

Discuss it with Webspresso. Perhaps over a cup of coffee.

What we are good at

  • Building functional, intuitive and user-friendly websites

    A good website offers an intuitive and user-friendly design, ensuring easy navigation and accessibility for all users. It delivers fast load times and is optimized for performance across all devices. Additionally, it provides valuable, engaging content that meets the needs and expectations of its audience.

    Webspresso mugs, have a sip of coffee.
  • Developing your project with Laravel

    For developing complex web applications we use Laravel. Laravel is an open-source web framework built on PHP, designed for creating high-end web applications. Building your website with Laravel offers numerous advantages. The elegant syntax and robust framework streamline development, and guarantee faster and more efficient project delivery.

    Its scalability ensures your application can grow seamlessly with your business needs. Overall, Laravel offers a powerful, secure, and efficient solution for your project.

    Work in progress: Sportkleding Bazaar made in Laravel
  • Examples of webshops made by Webspresso.

    Setting up your webshop

    You want a webshop, but you don't know where to start?

    Webspresso sets up a complete webshop for you in Woocommerce (Wordpress).

    Look at an example of the following webshops we have created for Bolstertees and Eigenstijl.

  • Developing reliable web forms

    A web form is an important and useful tool for getting in touch with your (potential) customers. Webspresso values not only the safety and reliability of this process but also ensures that the forms are efficient and user-friendly for visitors.

    Webspresso has extensive experience in creating various forms, including reservation forms that store data in a database, various registration forms, and contact forms.

    Various webform, safe, efficient and user-friendly
  • Keeping your website up-to-date

    Webspresso prefers to build your website using a content management system like Joomla or WordPress. This offers many advantages in terms of management, flexibility, scalability, user management, and more.

    Regular updates are released for each CMS. In most cases, these are security updates that fix vulnerabilities to prevent potential hacking attempts. These updates are important and essential. Unfortunately, the frequency of new versions and updates is unpredictable.

    Webspresso offers a 'Service & Updates Subscription' based on a fixed maintenance fee per quarter. This keeps your website up-to-date without you having to worry about it. Regular backups are a key part of the maintenance fee, allowing us to quickly get your website operational again in case of an unexpected event.

    Minor adjustments to your website (adding or replacing texts/images/forms etc.) are done at no extra cost. Very convenient, wouldn't you say.

What you can count on

Full service. In practice, this means that Webspresso advises, conceptualizes, designs, develops, implements, and maintains.

We will explain each of these different services, so you'll know exactly what you can rely on.

Web Design

Web design is much more than just making a website look nice. Online, function comes before form.

What functions should your website have? What information do you want to convey? What interactions do you want to engage in? What image do you want to portray online? What additional features do you want? When designing, Webspresso considers both visible design and everything behind it: information, technology, navigation, findability, search options, and so on. Step by step, you'll see your website grow. From the first sketch to the final form. Let yourself be surprised by our functional web creations!

Web Development

From design to online presence. If you approve Webspresso's web design, we'll develop it into a fully functional website.

In most cases, we do this using a Content Management System (CMS). With this, you can easily change and maintain your web texts and images yourself, thanks to a password protected management system.

Webspresso can also develop custom-made modules or components for you. For instance a customer management system for reservations or a catalog module. Completely tailored to your wishes.

Service and Maintenance

Keep surprising the reader with new content. What's printed is final. But a website has the advantage that its content can be continuously adjusted. Online communication means always being able to update and change.

Keep surprising the reader with new content. So that they return regularly. With a CMS, you can take care of maintenance yourself, or you can have Webspresso do it for you.

We gladdly post news on your website or blog, keep track of visitor statistics, and adjust text, images, or other content elements as desired. Daily, weekly... whenever you want.

Concept and Strategy

Your (mobile) website is a strong communication tool. But it works best as part of a comprehensive communication strategy.

If the various expressions of a campaign refer to your website, then the visitor will experience the same communication on your internet pages as in the refering banner, brochure, advertisement or business card. Webspresso gladly ensures that your website seamlessly fits within your overall communication plan. Engage us for a strategy and creative concepts that make you stand out on the web and in real life.

Web Texts

Unfortunately many website texts are very technical or internally focused, so that only the sender understands them. They don't appeal to you, literally and figuratively. Or they are too long, so you have to scroll.

Good web texts are personal, clear, concise, and call to action. And they rank your website high in search engines with keywords and landing pages. Writing for the internet has its own rules.

Webspresso is happy to advise you on web text, for websites, blogs, or other social media. Or, we can have them written for you by a copy writer. Written with the user in mind.

Usability Advice

We will examine your website. We map out your target audience, wishes, and objectives, and assess your website against the criteria you have set and the current requirements of the internet landscape. If you wish, we advise you on how we can improve your website, often with not too intrusive adjustments.

When it comes to usability, usefulness and user-friendliness are important principles. In addition, we check whether your website meets a number of standard design principles and web conventions.

Where can your website improve? And how?
Let us take a closer look at your place on the internet!

Meet our team

  • Roeland Havinga - Founder / Lead developer

    Roeland Havinga - Founder / Lead developer

    Creative developer with a passion for internet and communication. Expert in concepting, project management, interaction design, and (mobile) internet development. Enthusiastic about the potential and power of mobile internet: reaching people where other media cannot.

    Studied Marketing and Advertising and Communication and Multimedia Design. Worked at TBWA and Spreadit/Hart voor de Zaak, among others.

    Stefan Hendriks - SEO & SEA Consultant

    Stefan Hendriks - SEO & SEA Consultant

    Marketer with a love for numbers and websites. Strong in evaluating websites for Google searchability (SEO) and creating plans to improve their visibility and findability. A Google Partner since 2015 with extensive experience in online advertising (SEA).

    Started in the automotive industry after IVA Business School and entered (online) marketing after completing higher education in economics.

    Robert Lammerding - Art director

    Robert Lammerding - Art director

    An all-around creative with a wealth of experience. Strong in concept, graphic design, art direction, web design/user interface, DTP, print production supervision, signing, and photography. Winner of the national vocational competition RTO '89 and the World Skills, gold medalist in Graphic Design '89.

    Graduated from the Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam and worked as Art Director at TBWA, Creative Director at Brunotti Europe, and Art Director at Zizo: creation and lithography.

A selection of our work

Companies know how to find us and have us design and build their company (mobile) website.

From a few simple pages, to sites with a more complex structure and functionality: here's a selection of realized Webspresso work. Of course, there is still plenty of room for your website.

We'd love to showcase that too!


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